Sony: Cutting edge? or cut-and-paste?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
ZDnet is running a <a href=",4161,2858211,00.html"; target="_blank">story</a> about stylish Sony notebooks:


Which laptop name do you associate with the words slickÂ* and cutting-edgeÂ*? If you said "Sony VAIO," you're not alone. For years, the cutting-edge colors, designs, and features of these notebooks have consistently led the laptop industry into uncharted territory.


Well, I think it's undeniable that Sony has some pretty cool designs.

But <a href=",4161,2858211,00.html"; target="_blank">look closer</a> at that middle notebook in the story: isn't that rather similar to <a href=",12069,541087,00.html"; target="_blank">this notebook</a>, better known as the Apple Titanium Powerbook G4?

It seems that the "plain chassis" of the Sony didn't really fit in with the article headline, so they dropped in a picture of a Titanium instead...


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