Pages API or scripting ability

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I appoligise if someone has already posted on a simmerler topic or if there is not information on this.  I am a mature student and im interested in the referancing ability of pages.  I am aware that it has support for EndNote but I belive this software to be very costly and somewhat unessacary for most bibligraphy and referancing needs.


I have other programs like Referance Tracker, I very good peace of software but I think Pages could do with some of these reatures being intograted more directly in to the program.


So my question is what are the option to exprend the functionality of the program in the way of a programming interface or using Apple Script.  No doubt if an API was ever available it would have also used the objective-c langage that has been standard up untill this point.


i am aware that MS Word has this abilty but Pages dispite Apple recent changes remains a much more fuild a better enviroment.  I naturaly find myself inspired and at ease when working with the program unlike my experances with every virsion of Word.


All the best

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