Ultra-Violate and Flixster: Useless Digital Downloads

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Over the holidays, I purchased several BluRay dads with the promised "digital copy" included (you pay more, but get the bonus of watching it on your devices)... I proceeded to download the files and was surprised to find that several of them did not offer an option to download an iTunes compatible file.... I was limited to something called "Flixster" that required me to sign up for an account and would only play by using their horrible software, which I had to download on to my computer, iPad and iPhone, etc.


I thought this was odd, since many of the other digital downloads offered me a CHOICE to get an iTunes version. So, as with any moderately intelligent person, I did a quick Google search and found lots of references to this same issue, only dated from 2011 to 2012. One of those suggested to contact UV/Flixster to request iTunes versions. So I did.


I was promptly sent a 'resolution' email stating that the movies were only available in UV or Flixter format and the only way I could use them was to download their horrible software to my computer or device. If, apparently, I was not happy with this "solution" then I should go ahead and stick it, because they were not about to give out an iTunes version, because it was apparently "impossible to support formats for all devices for logistical reasons" which is a bold faced lie, since "all devices" means just removing their stupid DRM.


I contacted them again, and essentially got the "tough s**t" response back, and told that if I was not happy, contact the studios. So I did.


Warner Bros and Lions Gate both response with a generic "we use UV/Flixster" email and stated they would not provide a usable format, and if I did not like it, tough.


Sooooo.... I decided to start a new topic that is more current than a couple years ago to see how others are handling this, and if they have found useful ways to convert the files or to get legit copies for iTunes, etc.


I have come to call this "service" ULTRA-VIOLATE, as that is what it seems the studios are doing to the consumers with this garbage-heap of a system that they force people to use. Most of the DVD packages do not state "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH iTUNES" so you don't know if you can or cannot download a copy until you open the package and try -- at which point you cannot return the DVD, so they have effectively screwed you twice.


And this is how studios like Warner Bros and LionsGate want to encourage people to not pirate and actually purchase movies??????


Let me be clear that I never condone or support piracy, but I am asking why studios want to make it so hard for consumer to be legal? This type of garbage **ONLY** hurts those of us who ACTUALLY DO PURCHASE the discs... it does not stop anyone from pirating them, or downloading them, or anything... it only punishes the honest consumer.


So...  My goal here is to get more feedback from others...


What have your (recent) experiences been? Has anyone considered a class-action lawsuit? (I would support in a heartbeat)... has anyone been able to convert them for iTunes use?




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    This is so annoying. I bought two Bluray's today and I'm not getting anywhere with the iTunes download. It's so frustrating it doesn't make me want to buy blares or multiple copies in different formats, it makes me want to bootleg. i have emails out to the studios now. I'll let you know what happens.

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