Apple order gone awry.

in General Discussion edited February 2015 Screwed us over good today. It's my fiancee birthday, I ordered her a MacBook air and some accessories Sunday. Apple charged my card. It was approved, the order was processed and shipped. Made it all the way to the local UPS and has not been delivered.

First of all Apple CSR ruined my surprise by calling all 3 of my phones including hers and basically blurting out the order to her even tho it plainly has gift wrapping and a message to my girl on it. So I have to tell her about it.The day of delivery (today, her b-day) she calls my command to get in touch with me she is crying excessively (over dramatic) saying the order is being returned even though it's a few streets over at the local UPS.

After going back and forth and on 3 way with Apple,Barclay,UPS and my girl I'm Done. Apple CSRs are honestly telling me they can't figure out why the order is being returned since the money is available and on hold by their request(per Barclay my order is approved and basically paid for), I've confirmed my identity, email, billing and shipping addresses. But the package is still being held at the local UPS. Apple csr say they can't contact UPS to get it delivered on time. (Calling BS on that one cause I know they have a whole Apple logistics dept).

The package has a return request and then a hold at UPS request by the sender that the Rep tells me Apple didn't place any of those request. She then tells me maybe my bank made the request even though they aren't the sender. So I call Barclay they tell me my purchase was approved, gives me the approval number and tells me to call back Apple. Keep In mind the order is no longer being returned it's just being held for no apparent reason .

Apple CSRs have given me every excuse they can think of including outright lying to me about my payment method declining Which is when I gave her the approval code and offered to call Barclay on 3 way or wait while she called them which the rep said was not necessary since she could see where the payment went through now. (Oh really just now but not before you shipped my order or when the order processed) but no-one not even the manager can tell me anything but "your order has a return request(that I didn't place on it) so it won't deliver and that I have to wait for it to be returned to them , then they can refund my money and I can place a new order". Which I'm told is a process that can take up to 7 days.

Finally I was told that all I could do was wait and see what happens since no one felt like calling UPS or trying to find out what was really going on. The last few minutes of my break I call UPS again and I'm told that they have to attempt delivery 3 times before they can return the package even though they never even made a first attempt and that the new hold request trumps the return request and it will be redelivered tomorrow. Needless to say at the moment extremely mad, my girl is upset and after this I'm never making anymore online purchases from
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