Microsoft expands Office for iOS with new Outlook app

in iPad edited January 2015
Microsoft on Thursday unveiled Outlook for iOS, a new mobile version of its widely-used e-mail and calendaring application, as the company continues to invest in rival mobile platforms under CEO Satya Nadella.

Outlook for iOS is based on the Accompli app suite that Microsoft acquired late last year in a deal that is thought to have cost the Redmond giant more than $200 million. Many of Accompli's features remain, and Microsoft says that the new app will be a "familiar experience" for Accompli users.

The new app includes automatic inbox triage, moving more important messages to the top. Customizable swipe gestures are available for deleting or archiving messages, and users can "schedule" messages to return to their inbox later --?for instance, emails about a task scheduled for two days in the future could be dismissed in the interim and would automatically resurface on that day to make for a cleaner inbox.

As it always has, Outlook for iOS also integrates calendaring features, including appointment reminders. Desktop Outlook's well-received meeting scheduling feature is also present.

Additionally, users can attach files directly from OneDrive or Dropbox. Microsoft has added enhanced search functionally as well, including a feature to show most-emailed contacts.

Outlook for iOS is available now as a free, 22.5-megabyte download from the App Store.


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    Outlook sucks. Calendaring and email are NOT the same thing, and should NOT be in the same app, ever.

    Apple got it right, M$ got it wrong.
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    The problem with Accompli and now this is that the routing email through their servers is against my firm's security policy :( I work at a law firm, where privacy is obviously important, but this would be true for many companies. I wonder if this will have any effect?

    I use Apple everything, but Windows at work. I thought this would be a nice tool to have. Alas.
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