Why no SEARCH in movies on AppleTV?

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I have exactly 1,587 movies in iTunes.


So it really sucks manually scrolling through a list of 1,587 movies on my AppleTV.  It always starts me at A, so it takes a long time to scroll to Z.  Or T.  Or anything.  Just seems ridiculous.


On top of that, the remote cuts out after a few seconds of holding the button down, forcing me to push it again and wait for the scrolling speed to ramp up.


There is a search feature for Music.  Can you imagine how annoying it would be without it?  IT IS THAT ANNOYING FOR PEOPLE WITH LARGE MOVIE COLLECTIONS!


This goes for TV shows as well.


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    It would also be nice to sort by YEAR instead of just NAME, GENRE, and UNWATCHED.  


    BTW: I recommend MetaZ for all your movie tagging chores.  Works great; better than iDentify.  You have to spell the name of the movie EXACTLY how iDentify expects or it will not find search results.

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