VUDU app odd behavior

in iPad edited February 2015

I've posted this a few other places and am looking for some confirmation on what I think might be a hidden activity of the VUDU app on the iPad.


I have had the VUDU player on my iPad for a year or more. On three different models. (newest is iPad Air 2) I hooked up a new Logitech wireless bluetooth keyboard tonight, was trying it out, and was watching a version of Goodfellas that I own and have streaming from VUDU. 

I was playing with the keyboard, trying out the various buttons and the volume buttons worked fine but the play/pause seemed a little odd, and suddenly my VUDU movie quit and I was hearing an ad for Walmart. Then music started playing. And it continued AFTER I had closed the VUDU app. I closed ALL apps on the iPad. I have a bad feeling that Walmart is hiding some kind of audio/ad supported stream of stuff that may be using bandwidth and I didn't know about this.

From what I can tell they are streaming a music and ad track underneath (so to speak) my film which I didn't know about. For some odd reason the keyboard controls paused the film and exposed this stream of ads and music. I find it really odd. Has anyone heard anything about this? Are they really using bandwidth to send more stuff that I didn't know about?!

Let me know if anyone else has has seen this. Maybe I have something wrong, but did I click an OK button at some point that allowed them to stream ads and music?

Very weird especially as it didn't stop after quitting the app. I had to open the VUDU app again and then play the movie for it to stop.

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