Mac OS still can't read discs from a PC????

in macOS edited February 2015

Friends, it's 2015, and I just sent some data DVDs to a Mac Newbie who has Yosemite. I burned them under Windows7 using Nero which is my standard go to program. The poor guy claims he could not read them and returned the disc for me to check.


It is CDFS format, ISO 9660. Perfectly fine on a PC.


A search for CDFS led me to a thread on this forum:

This is an ancient problem apparently. You would think the Mac OS would handle this basic long standing format.

But apparently NO. It's still going on.


I did not burn multisession discs as some finger pointers say. I know better. My discs are always finalized.  I did not use the built in Windows burn software, and this is not some conspiracy to dominate the world against innocent Mac users perpetrated by evil Windows overlords!!!


So I had to reburn them, and await his report. I found some iso software that lets me specify HFS+, and send various versions.


What is the consensus out there in Mac world? Should I have used UDF? Why not CDFS? Isn't ISO 9660 still the standard??


Peace. This stuff should have been ironed out years ago.


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