it's time for AI to leave flash behind

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While I enjoy reading AppleInsider, my MacBook Pro's fans race thanks to Adobe flash's misbehavior.


It's time to retire flash... everywhere, and especially, on all Mac-centric web sites.


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    muppetrymuppetry Posts: 3,331member
    I wasn't aware that AI used Flash.
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    matt_smatt_s Posts: 300member

    Load the AI site. Open Activity Monitor. Force-Quit Adobe Flash. Now check out the AI site browser page. It'll say flash crashed. Screen shot below.


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    muppetrymuppetry Posts: 3,331member
    Oh - so it's the editor using it. That's why the editor is different on the iPad.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by muppetry View Post

    Oh - so it's the editor using it.


    That’s funny; I’ve never been restricted in what I can do with the editor, but I have Flash blocked everywhere.


    I’m really upset that blocking Flash doesn’t stop telling websites that you have it installed, in a slightly unrelated note.

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    matt_smatt_s Posts: 300member

    It's not just the editor. The same crash report occurs on other pages as well. I think it's used to feed ads perhaps.


    But how it's used is not the point here. Why it's used at all is the issue.

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    ...because AI doesn't have control over the ads fed on the right side? (short of getting rid of them and charging a subscription to the site)


    Click2Flash disables the flash ads... no racing fans on my MBA.

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