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in iPhone edited March 2015
Hello Apple,
i am very sad to inform you its second time i am dealing with same problem. as i told in my earlier mail on 8 February "i bought i5S Gold in august 2014. i was working fine for four month. but after 4 months it stated hanging when ever i try to open any application. i deleted all extra apps so that it can adjust with Phone ram and capacity memory. but the problem remain same un fixed. i want to tell you that last few days i was in Delhi and what happened was really shocking. my phone was leave network after every few other Samsung phone was having very full network coverage. i guess it was not a a network fault its product fault. and its happening this time also. now i am using another phone. what should i do? its very critical problem and its only 5 month i purchased this phone. i will glad if your team will provide me assistance."
after this mail one of your customer care service called on my personal contact no. 9780366902 from +911143443900. they referred me for any customer care center near by in Chandigarh. i mentioned two critical problems i am dealing with as above mention first NETWORK PROBLEM. for it expert said your Sim tray is not fit re-generate your Sim than cut it than putt in Sim tray properly. i requested to Vodafone for new Sim with same number. cut it down and inserted to Sim tray properly and you see my problem i still same. my phone is leaving network since after 30-45 minutes every time after usage. second one problem is HANGING PROBLEM. experts checked my phone and fixed some update issues that time but i am very very sad to inform you that i don't know what happened with that update my phone is hanging more than earlier and another blunder problem i am dealing after update is MY PHONES SCREEN IS GETTING WHITE for atleast 15 minutes,when ever i shut down my phone to escape from this hanging problem. it get hanged and its screen become white. i am so so depressed and unhappy for this. i have warranty of 5 months still.i am a research associate in my office i have team of 6 members all are using iPhone for better services. but since i am dealing with these problems. our trust is getting decline day by day from apple service.
Today i am writing this last big mail to you please its my humble request to you please fix this major problem before my phone totaly get shut down or its screen become white permanatly. because after it may be i will not able to claim your services. please get ridd me off from these problems. provide me a better solution. i will so much thankfull to you and your team. and i also want to say you that i have trust on your services i dant want to apart from apple products. if you will halp me i hope i will ramin attached with apple product useages.

your Trustworthy.
Gurwinder Singh
Research associate,Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab
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