Games which need to be taken off the market

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I need help due to reporting an illegal game that was purchased in app store. How do I go forward?? Help please. It is a game that is said to be 12+, but the game Developer and team is allowing players to have very offensive names and the language using in the global chat is very sexualized, and some of the players are simply cyber bullying other players. The game is by Tap4fun.


 I was an Assistent Head moderator for quite a while and I tried real hard to do something about it, but the Company behind the game will not support me, or any other moderators complaining about this.  They will not let mus mute or ban some players who they call vips. These  vip players uses a crazy amount of Money, and the Company are afraid of loosing them, so eventhough they are delibrately voilating the rules on a regular basis, making the game a porn site, the system allows them  to do everything and get away with it.


I have plenty screenshots as proff, also communication between myself and the game company and conversation between these so-called vips and Company People making special deals.


The game should be taken off the market due to its immorality and unethical ways of encouragement to people who makes gaming an unpleasant experience for others. ecspecailly thinking that young people do participate in this game, and how they can be influenced by it.


Anyone who can help me to find out where and how to report this, please let me know



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    Freedom of speech. I’m certain it’s not illegal. At most it could violate the developer’s app-specific terms of service. In this case, you’d contact them directly. If they don’t respond to something that only violates their ToS, there’s nothing that can be done. There is no specific restriction on content created by users within an app, and even if a violation of the developers’ ToS has taken place, Apple has no authority over whether the developers uphold that ToS unless in the case of breaking actual law (and even then I’m not sure).


    It is also not illegal to grant paying users of a service more features than non-paying users.


    You’ve done the right thing in self-moderating (what I assume is) what your children see, but that’s where it ends. If there is actually illegal content (such as pornographic images in a game intended for under 18s), that can be reported to Apple (though given the developers’ library, it doesn’t seem like that would be the case). Otherwise this is just where the parenting begins.

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    what's the name of the app?

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    Originally Posted by KingOfSomewhereHot View Post

    what's the name of the app?


    And the screenshots you’ve taken would be great as examples of what you’re talking about. We’re all adults here, and as long as the content isn’t, you know, illegally pornographic, I figure the mods could make an exception (or edit and hide them with a spoiler.

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    Thanks for responding. I was a mod in the game. As an moderator I could warn and mute players whenever rules are broken. And I could also request for ban if cases are bad, or if a same player violates the rules over and over again. But the thing is if a player spend very much money, he is immune all mutes and bans. That means eventhough a player break all rules there is, where other players normally would be banned from the game for good, he keeps on with the blessing of the game company.
    Not only that, but they also get special advantages and in some cases the company also gave away someone elses account info to these players. So theres also security issues and a trust issue here.
    Support team hardly answers to any mail, and if they do, they only send out some standard respond that dosen't help in any way. And everytime a different person answers ur request, so you'll have to start your request all over from the beginning. Its their way to annoy you so you will be fed up enough to just give up.
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