Siri and the name "Anita"

in iPhone edited March 2015

So my wife's name is Anita. I find it impossible to use her name in a text message dictated through Siri. For example, I say "I'll ask Anita and get back to you" and Siri writes "I'll ask I need a and get back to you". Is there any tricks that help Siri understand these kind of homonyms?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,808moderator
    Siri is supposed to learn your own way of saying things but you can force some things. So you can make sure Siri knows that Anita is your wife by typing it:

    Just type in 'my wife is Anita' rather than saying it. Then ask Siri 'who is my wife?'. It will likely read it how it expects you to say it. Anita should be in your contacts to help too. This might help pick it up better in future but you can also try pronouncing the name unlike 'I need a' by saying aahh slowly and then neeta fast emphasizing the 't'.
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