If Apple offered a 5k Retina 17" or larger notebook, would you buy it?

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I definitley would. Holding out for something along those lines.

the 15 is just too small for me.

I do graphic design, web deign and devopment, video editing, audio editing, as well as the requisite email, word processing, etc.

Just wondering if there were others that would be interested in such a thing.

with the iMac 5k, the Macbook getting smaller, but better, the Air seemingly going the way of the Dodo, and the MacBook Pro line due for a signigicant refresh and Skllake forthcoming, the stage has been set to do something even more special with the Pro sereis of notebooks, such as allowing for 5K screens to aid designers who rely on mobility with power.

After having update the website I work on to take advanttage of Retnia displays, Apple ups the ante with the 5K and I have noticed the exquisite sharpness is not quite as exquisite on those screens.

Having the budget to purchase one new Mac for the next few years, I don't want to be left behind as mobility is a MUST for how I operate as I meet with clients onsite and do a lot of work right then and there.

Hoping and praying...


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member

    I don’t see what use 5K would be on a laptop, but I love seventeens. Still, I’ve moved on; hoping for a 13” or 15” tablet now.

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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 12,892member
    I wouldn't. Mainly because those 17" laptops are too large to use in a truly portable way. If I needed a large monitor I'd go with a desktop machine these days combined with a decent screen.
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    Actually I found the old 17 to be very portable.

    And with the sleekness Apple is producing now, I'd think that may be a non issue.

    But for traveling to clients and doing work on the spot, I find the smaller systems to be lacking.

    Perhaps there will not be a perfect solution here.

    Doesn't seem to be much interest.

    So that bums me out a bit.

    A5k screen is pretty much a MUST for anyone designing for the web now. Apple changing the game and progressing things lol

    I guess I'll "suffer with an iMac 5k and just buy a new 12" to travel.

    More money to accomplish just one goal. Guess it makes cents for Apple though.
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