Why the Apple Watch will fail and other things

in Apple Watch edited March 2015

The Apple Watch, honestly, is kind of beautiful, but only when you look at it as a computer on your wrist. As a watch, it is ugly because it essentially looks like a mini iPhone on your wrist. And that's what it is, except it does everything your iPhone does 10 seconds faster. Is it really worth it to shell out so much money on an accessory for your phone that makes it a bit faster? I think not. Honestly, most people on this website are just obsessive with Apple products; you people buy every new Apple product, that comes out, regardless of actual quality. As for the sales of the Apple Watch, I expect they will not be very high, actually disappointingly low, as I've searched hundreds of Apple fan forums talking about how bad the watch is. Also, there was a poll taken that concluded 70% of adults with iPhones are uninterested with Apple Watch. Apple Watch is nothing new, it is not innovation. There are many smart watches out there that can do more, look like actual watches are beautiful, and still cheaper. I have eyes on the LG Watch Urbane, as it looks like a real sexy watch that can do A LOT more.

  Yes, I guess you can say that Samsung and Google copied Apple with the iPhone and iPad. Apple also copied Samsung with phablets and smart watches, so they are even. Google's encryption is also far better that Apple's; on my Nexus 6 (Android 5.0.2) I can manually encrypt my phone even further so it can't even be touched. Same goes for Samsung products. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-wp-blm-news-bc-blackberry15-20150315-story.html

  In conclusion, Apple is simply now just a brand name, like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The quality of their products are honestly more suited for people are not tech savvy; I see a lot of kids and old people with iPhones and I see software engineers and such with Androids.

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