OSX 10.10.3 Photo icloud

in macOS edited March 2015

First, excuse my english. I have install OSX 10.10.3 beta 3 14D98g , last version two days ago. So i Have now the new Photo. When I use it, my photos are send to my cloud, it works good, but not always ... Example : I have in several time "send" to icloud aroud 2000 photos and yesterday I have create a new album with Photo in Photo/Mac, but they don't " climb'" in my icloud ... ?

I did not change anything, my icloud have place more than enough (170 g free), my interne connexion work's fine, when I go to my icloud I can see with Photo/icloud all my photo send before ..., whan in Photo/mac I look in pref I can see there are 160 photo waiting to be send ...  but nothing after a full night of wait ....,the name/adress of my icloud iare Ok,  I have try to deconnect and reconnect my library, same situation ... I don't understand what can "block" my sending ..

if someone have idea or same problem ... thank's for help


Nb/ I have try with or without littlesnitch, same problem

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