Photo Beta and icloud

in macOS edited March 2015

hello; mac OSX 10.10.3 beta 14D98g - I have started to use Photo, around 2000 photo have been saved to iCloud, n several album ..; but at once, since yesterday ; after I create 2 new album with Photo/mac they ate no more savec to my iCloud .

- I have place enough in iCloud ( 170G)

- my Internet works

- When I connect to iCloud I can see the phot send before yesterday, the adrees of the cloud is good

- nothing which can stop the connection ( just like Littlesnitch, same problem with or without)

- when I go in Pref  of photo/mac , I am said there are 160 photo uploading .. but nothing happens after a full night !!! 

I do not understand why it was working fine and Ok, and at once no more ..; I have nothing change


excuse my english ...


idea or what to do ?



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