2 MUST HAVE features iPhone should have

in iPhone edited March 2015

I am at a loss that Apple doesn't have two features in their iOS


1) Contact List Groups - I spoke to someone who bought an iPhone but returned it after finding out that you can't have a Contact list GROUP (Yeah, I know you can do so in iCloud). This is the year 2015 after all. The original Palm Pilot had contact list groups. I know Apple thinks this concept is out of date, but Android OS has contact list groups, so what am I missing?


I tried to explain and justify to him, but basically gave up. He also now wants to return his iPhone.


2) Dial Confirmation - why are there so many jokes about butt dialing? why is it so common to call or receive a call the person didn't intend to make?


There is a simple solution to this -- have an option to have a Dial Confirmation button before a call is made by simply touching a phone number. Again, Android has this. Why can't Apple. People can choose whether they want to take this extra step or not.


As a former Apple HQ employee, and huge fan of Apple and their products, the two above lack of features are completely bewildering to me.


Can anyone help?

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