Will Apple ever update the iPods again?

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I know they're a small market now, but they must still sell enough for Apple to keep spinning them off the assembly line. The Touch is the worst off with it's obsolete A5 inside, but the Shuffle could use a capacity boost at the very least, and the Nano could probably stand to see a few improvements.


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    I don't know if Apple will be upgrade the iPods? If Apple is to do it; it should be this year I think.

    I love to have a bigger Touch with at least a A8 and 2 GB RAM and 1080p HD !
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    I think they will continue to offer the Shuffle indefinitely as an entry level music player for working out. For what is basically a $50 flash drive, they can continue to offer this indefinitely. This is for people who aren't going to buy the ?Watch, and don't want to carry their iPhone around with them when they workout. They are also available waterproofed for swimming and other water sports.


    The Nano is in jeopardy of being replaced by the ?Watch. I would be surprised to see an upgrade before the next ?Watch when presumably the 1st gen models will drop in price. Maybe not as close as the $149 of the Nano, but it will give people a reason to spend a little extra to get the ?Watch. Let's not forget why the Nano was so popular in the first place:


    The Touch is the hardest one to figure out in my opinion, because I just don't know who uses one? Now that most kids are being given cell phones for safety, who is really left for a cellular free device, hampered with a small display? Get the iPad mini, or better yet just offer the iPhone 6 Plus as a cellular free iPad nano. 


    One other thought occurs to me, what if they design a new iPhone 6 or 6S 4" mini (like when they introduced the 5C) that does double duty? Silver, Space Gray, and Gold for the iPhone, and multiple colors for the iPod Touch without the cellular radios? This then kills two birds with one stone -- it tests the market for the 4" iPhone and offers an upgrade path for those who still buy the Touch, to see whether that market is still worth catering to as well. 

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