what happened to orangemicro? :::

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what ever happened to the OrangeMicro PC-compatibility card?


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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    [quote]Originally posted by Badtz:

    <strong>what ever happened to the OrangeMicro PC-compatibility card?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Ah i remember the basic PC card costing the prize of a PC.
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    I remember it costing about a thou, which was at the time a good bit cheaper than a PC.
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    I guess everybody now a days uses VPC.
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    eskimoeskimo Posts: 474member
    Or buys a $499 PC that can do a lot more than a PC card could.
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    [quote]Or buys a $499 PC that can do a lot more than a PC card could.<hr></blockquote>

    Seriously. The Orangemicro card I remember was $649 or something...insane. And at that time, PCs were cheaper...those were the days of free PCs (with three years of MSN).
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    So this kind of thing is gone forever? If the costs were less than a PC (they should be) I would think the card would sell great! Most people would buy it for games... And if the graphics card in the Mac was able to be utilized (*cough* Virtual PC) it would be as good as a PC, without duplicating the power supply, RAM, HD, etc. And no crappy PC case I remember using a 7500 (I think?) with some kind of PC Card in it and it was very cool. Virtual PC seems to be better at integrating some things than the Apple software was, but if the strengths of the two were combined, people would buy the product. I personally don't see too much need for running WinDOwS, except the odd game, and Visual Basic and other M$ monopoly apps. Niche markets definitely could use this card though. Matlab, some graphics programs, too many games, etc. are WinDOwS only
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