end of days

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i was just thinking kind of morbidly of the end of Apple. If Apple Co went outta biz, for whatever reason (not to say that I think they will in the foreseeable future, but hypothetically), would some1 continue the mac operating system? anyone think that some cheap pc-maker would make ppc comps capable of running that OS? or would we [mac users] all be forced to fall off some cliff like lemmings?

personally, in a kind of evil way, it might be good for us (endusers), because hardware could get better, and prices would crash, assuming the OS was somehow continued and some pc-manu picked up the rig.


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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    The worst thing that would happen would be that Apple tanks, and then uses its last funding to release OS X for the x86 platform.

    But Microsoft can't afford for Apple to go under because it would mean that anti-trust would be a sure thing.
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