Apple comes to the south. No, Florida is not the south.

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I just noticed the coming soon part of the Apple retail site is back up, with the Lenox Square (Atlanta) store opening May 11. Finally, they're coming to our part of the country! I know it's passe to get excited about new stores now, but those of you who have twenty stores within a 10 mile radius of you have to remember what it's like for the uninitiated.

hopefully there will be a good crowd offering some southern hospitality. i feel like i should bake a pie or something.


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    If you bake it, they will come...

    I'll be there. Woo hoo!! Finally, an Apple Store within an hour of Athens. It's about damn time.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Cool to hear. My family and old friends are just up the road (north on I-75) in Chattanooga. They go to Atlanta often for shopping, Braves games, concerts, etc.

    Looks like they'll have to visit Apple now too.

    I just knew Atlanta would eventually have to get's too big and has too much of a creative community not to have an Apple store there!

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    thoth2thoth2 Posts: 277member
    Yes, Florida is the South. The supply line for the Confederacy and a State that seceeded would and should qualify as a "southern" state for most purposes.

    Besides, when I grew up there, I could show you more rednecks w/in a 10 mile radius than where I live now, in the "south."

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    spindlerspindler Posts: 713member
    Atlanta itself is hardly the South. When I moved down here, I was looking forward to hearing people talk with Southern accents, but I think the majority of people must be from up north. The whites basically seem to be yuppies. You have to go outside the city a few miles to find people that seem to have a southern identity. The blacks however are very friendly and you get the idea that that is part of being Southern, even though their accents aren't much different than northern blacks.
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