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I've decided to try my hand at the freelancing life, since being unemployed for nine months and counting is starting to kind of suck. (Well, the "no income" part of it, anyway. The "get up when you want to, and do whatever you want all day" part is pretty cool, I must admit.) Front-end web stuff, design, and some light back-end (PHP, server setup, etc.) are what I plan to do mainly, but . . .

I've also decided to add Mac consulting to my arsenal of available services. Hell, I know an awful lot about it (got to the final interview step in a Mac Genius position, but wasn't hired ultimately because they thought I'd get "bored" in a store setting, and I didn't have certification). I took the Press3 certification tests and got certified as a "MacCSE" also, for good measure. And I filled out the ASE application and paid the fee; I should be officially enrolled within a few days.

What I'm interested in knowing is . . . what's involved in being an ASE? How's business? (I'd be working the metro NYC area, and I can do Philadelphia, too. I'll also advertise my availability to the Washington/Baltimore and Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Greensboro/Winston-Salem markets, too, since I go there often and am set up for lodging and stuff if I need it.) What kinds of things are you typically asked to do on a service call? What are people usually looking for? And what kinds of rates can you expect to reasonably charge for these services?

A ton of questions, I know. But any help is appreciated. Thank ye!


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    Basically all that is really required for you is to actively promote your services to Mac Clients and of course pay Apple the $500 per yer. I think the program is decent and hopefully ASE Consultants still get decent "trial Software" in the package. The Marketing possibilities are nice. I have my eye on this program as well. A little elbow grease and you could do well.
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    Common Sense -

    check your email.
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