MPEG4 licensing : Obviously a Conspiracy !!!

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Apple moves to release a full streaming video solution that is

free server, free player, free to encode, etc.

Sony, Philips Electronics, Microsoft, hear the word "FREE" and say "WHAT?" "FREE?"

"Let's see if we can hang this up for a year or so to prevent Apple and upstart companies from running away with the game before we have a chance to completely control it.

i am outraged that the idea of a per minute charge for MPEG4 is even being allowed to be considered.

and if it turns out that they were doing this mainly to thwart companies like Apple from releasing product into the market then that is blatant anti-competitive practice.


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    blue2kdaveblue2kdave Posts: 652member
    I'm sure you will be labeled a conspiracy nut, but I admit I have to wonder. Would it be beyond MS's evil habits to ally itself with one of the patent holders to hold up MPEG4? Their stance on fees makes no sense, to delay a technology is to kill a technology in todays world.

    Who knows.
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    digixdigix Posts: 109member
    Personally, I think that the reason ?they? decided to imposed somekind of royalty fee on MPEG-4 is to offend people and made them very upset.

    People go mad, they become upset, some take the pro side, while others take the con side.

    Conflict. Conflict. Conflict.

    Battle. Battle. Battle.

    That's always ?they? want, to make people fight each other.

    Because really, the whole royalty fee thing regarding MPEG-4 makes no sense. How do one keep track of the usage of people streaming their MPEG-4 encoded video? How do one collect those royalty fees? How can one make sure that people won't faked their data so that they pay less? How do one make sure that those people won't be charged more than what they supposed to pay (imagine being charged for U$4.000 for what supposed to be U$4)?

    One can do a royalty fee thing on stuff like Real Media, but it's hard to do it on a open standard like MPEG-4.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,368member
    Mpeg 4 is simply not important enough on my Radar. I personally could care less about Internet Streaming and I would NEVER pay to broadcast my own content when a free option exists. Screw the MPEGLA...there will always be a competitior just months behind you ready to eat your lunch. They will soon find that out.
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    aslanaslan Posts: 97member
    Murch, I agree...

    It is really no surprise that MPEGLA has opted for this rated charging for streaming media... The MPAA and other organizations have been trying to screw over consumers for several years now... Go pick up a copy of 2600 and have a look... there are usually some good corporate-evil-awareness articles.

    I also think it is no surprise that everyone, including M$, has started to back off a bit from the whole deal, making MPEGLA sweat just a little bit. I mean, what with the open source movement and all I have in my deepest of beliefs that there will be a free implementation made of something better than even MPEG4. Some people think that without MPEG the world would go dark or something... just plain not true. I could imagine MPEG drying up quick if MPEGLA continues to be greedy bastards!

    Remember that a standard only becomes "standard" after wide acceptance and integration, something that WILL NOT occur given a by-the-minute charge.

    Ok enough ranting...
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    bluesignsbluesigns Posts: 315member
    you're missing the point.

    microsoft and the others WANT mpeg4 to fail - to be scuttled, so they can have more time and advantage to promote their own proprietary systems that they can charge big money for.

    they don't want pissy little Apple giving away the server software, encoder, and player for free and allowing consumers to create and broadcast content freely.

    Apple's mpeg4 solution is viewed by them as a threat to profits and the are trying to hobble it if not killit completely.
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    owl boyowl boy Posts: 61member
    I agree, and it sucks that it might work

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    unfilteredunfiltered Posts: 49member
    After seeing Microsoft's "Corona" technology at NAB, it doesn't surprise me that they're part of a group trying get as much money out of the MPEG-4 technology as possible before Corona hits later this year. By the way, those who haven't seen Corona demoed yet, are going to be very surprised. Image quality equal to MPEG-2, but at a third of the space. VERY COOL!
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