HBO Now for US resident DOESN'T WORK ABROAD when you travel

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I had subscribe to HBO NOW (i'm US subscriber with US aple ID if someone asks) and download the app in my iphone 6, my iPad Air 2 but when I travel last week for job reason to Latinamerica I cannot follow any series.....

I get an advise like "servcie not available for your region".

I switch to my NETFLIX and see everything ok without any problems as I always do when I travel abroad for pleasure or business reason.


When I see this limitation over IP instead over the subscription , I try to contact HBO NOW and Itunes Store to stop my subscription (April is free and will start invoicing soon) but didn't have any answer yet. Only automatic responds....


Does any other have this limitation with HBO NOW app ? in Apple TV is also ?


Really a worst app design for a "premium content service "


PS Copyrights are not the problem. Netflix pays for the usage of their customers.


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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member
    I'm guessing that HBO is more aggressive about limiting where their services stream because they own the content and the service. Why they care so much is anyone's guess, but they might have content sublicense contracts to protect.

    Netflix probably doesn't care so much, they just have to make it look like they do.
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