They're really working hard to convince us!

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Besides this being not a major product but a major product accessory, Apple is working overtime and beyond all imagination to convince us, the potential buyers, that the Apple Watch is a necessary accessory.

indestructibility, fashionable...gee, I am feeling that only Superman needs the Apple Watch.

Are we all celbrities because we have one? And are we top talent if we have at least two or more bands?

Nothing the Apple Watch does do we need if we have an iPhone!

Just a little while ago everyone was sporting an earphone accessory. Leave the phone in your pocket and just talk. People were seeminly talking to themselves everywhere....the grocery store, while driving, in restaurants, everywhere. Motorola, Blue Ant, and even Apple sold one. Wait! Apple doesn't sell one anymore. And most people don't use them. Their battery charge wasn't all that large. And they demanded immediate attention when a call came in. Hmm, interesting that you rarely see them in use. I guess being Uhura wasn't all that realiatic.

Captain Kirk did have a wrist tricorder...on one film.

This will be interesting. Bottom line; Apple has NEVER worked so hard to convince its public that what they are selling is badly needed.

Steve Jobs isn't good with that I think.


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    rubaiyatrubaiyat Posts: 277member

    Is it just me or is Apple starting to make things that just work crap?


    I spend a large part of my day fighting spellcheckers that stuff up most of what I type. Keyboards that capitalise the first two letters of the word, not just one. Software that barely works and then only on one particular OS.


    And I seem to spend most of my time trying to rescue all my work that Apple has either stuffed up or abandoned.


    Heck I remember when it all used to just work and seemed like it was hardly there, and it all just happened!

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