Apple Photos App - album info, trash folder, and album view

in macOS edited April 2015

Have installed Photos and have immediately found issues with it. Hoping someone has figured out a fix!


1) In iPhoto, my events folders showed the number of photos underneath the thumbnail. This is now gone and I can't see how to restore it.


I am aware I can get an information screen to pop up for a highlighted album, but I'm looking for a way to have the numbers to show for all events always.


2) How do I get the deleted photos folder to show up on the left hand taskbar? This 'view recently deleted photos' business is infuriating.


3) How do I set 'album' view to open automatically when I open Photos? It always seems to go straight to the photo stream. It is wildly annoying having to click and wait for it to load every single time.

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