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There are people in these threads (yeah, you know who you are) that have come up with some great and ingenius ways of doing things in the Mac Os that we call X.

Let's hear from you. It is not "obvious" to all of us :cool:




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    You mean like these from <a href="http://www.stepwise.com"; target="_blank">Stepwise.com</a>?:


    defaults write com.apple.Preferences ExposeHiddenPreferences Yes

    defaults write com.apple.installer TrashSymbolicLinks No

    defaults write com.apple.finder UseCocoaFinder Yes

    defaults write com.apple.finder RunSlowly No

    defaults write com.apple.finder LoadedFolders Springy

    defaults write com.apple.EOModeler CrashRandomly No

    defaults write com.microsoft.Office SendPersonalInformationToMotherShip No <hr></blockquote>

    Oh and BTW this should go in the OS X forum.

    J :cool:
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