New iMovie is crashing. I'm not that happy with Photo either.

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Hi.  Since I downloaded the "improved" iMovie about a week ago, it has crashed about 7 times.  Not only crashing the iMovie, but the whole computer.  And it doesn't come back easily.  I'm going to take my computer in for repairs I guess.  I can't afford to have this happen as I'm creating videos.


I spent over a week learning how to use the new Photo, which I don't like as much as iPhoto.  I guess it makes somebody happy, but it doesn't suit me.  I used to send pictures that were nicely formatted for email.  That doesn't exist anymore. 


Maybe I should delete photo and imovie and buy external software.  But then, why would I need a Mac?


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    I also don't like Photo and the new iMovie. I also don't like the latest iteration of iTunes either. I don't understand what Apple is trying to accomplish here by adding complexity and diminishing the user interface to the point where it has become almost 100% counter-intuitive. I was able to learn the previous iMovie without needing instructions. It was straight forward: create an event, import media to the event, create a project, move the clip from event to project and edit with transition choices. In short order I figured out how to add photos, crop, produce the "Ken Burns" effect on photos, normalize the audio, equalize it, add music etc. because all of the tools were right in front of me.


    The new iMovie is a MESS, not intuitive, everything is "nested" and hidden and the process is not clear. On one page there are two places to "import". Both created issues. I was at a trade show and needed to edit and post a video. I finally called Apple and got an  app specialist who walked me through it. I told him I realized why I couldn't figure it out: it's not intuitive at all, which the previous version was.


    I said "so I import media clicking "there"? "No, he said, use the other "import" thing at the top of the page. "How am I supposed to know that? Why are there two "import" buttons? Etc." He said "I can see where that can be confusing". He then suggested I download an instructional PDF to learn the program, which I did.


    But honestly updates should be incremental not like this one that requires a complete re-learn. I'm still struggling with it and I edited film in Hollywood for a few years....ridiculous.


    As for Photos, don't get me started.....

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