Cassady and Green should be ashamed of their packaging

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I won Captain Bumper, Spell Checker 8, and Grammaterian X all from Cassady and Green. I havnt installed anything yet, but the three titles came in big, double layer cardboard boxes with just a cd, not even in a jewel case, inside. Talk about wasting the resources of the Earth.

Fortunately, alot of developers are shipping things in DVD sized mini boxes like Aspyr. I hope other companies emulate Aspyr, it saves resources, money, and more shelf space for mac apps.


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    owl boyowl boy Posts: 61member
    I also like the small boxes I see at walmart.

    it save trees :cool: .

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    ferroferro Posts: 453member
    Having worked in a shipping warehouse for two years I can say... that is not uncommon...

    Sometimes it is due to lack of proper packaging but most likely it is just upper managements lack of brain power...

    I have shipped pamphlets in 24x12 inch boxes... and "three tons" of styrofoam filler...

    It also can have to do with the fact that small items can be easily lost...

    finally the "white collars" got around to ordering package nets from UPS for small packages...
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Has anyone here ordered *just* a pack of 5 DVD-R disks from Apple? They come in a box that has to be 15"x7"x12" (estimating here). I wondered what the hell was in this big box, opened it up, and found my little box of disks under a couple of these big plastic air-filled bags.

    Could have fit 16 packs in that box easy. I wonder what they waste on shipping and packaging every year...
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Thing is, it's not much more material going into big boxes than smaller boxes. It's mostly the volume that increases. As long as they're using air-filled bags or fitted foam for delicate items then they're doing the smart thing. Air-filled bags are over 95% air and have little material to them while fitted foam greatly reduces waste in the packing and manufacturing process.

    Remember, it's cheaper to use less material anyway (with maybe the exception of those damn packing peanuts) and air is very much a renewable resource. Volume alone can be deceiving.

    Now on the other hand, a lot of these software packages are big because the large boxes grab people's attention better on the store shelves, and people feel like they're getting more for their money. So a lot of companies gear their stuff to look from the store window and on the shelf at the expense of efficient packaging. Even soda cans aren't the most efficient use of material for holding a volume of liquid. they would be more squat and wide, a square then looked at from the side, with a cylindrical top view (sphere would be most efficient, but they roll around).
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    undotwaundotwa Posts: 97member
    I prefer the DVD mini boxes. They are so slick. You can fit documentation (although not a manual, what software comes with a manual on paper nowadays anyway) Next is the half size jewel case, the ones some CD-Rs use.
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