Can't do a restore on iPhone from iCloud.

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So I have had one iTunes account since its inception but I have changed my email address that I use to like logon to iTunes about two years ago. Now when I try to restore from iCloud it asks me for me old logon and password which I don't have. How can I properly merge the two accounts and stop this issue. I can restore from my desktop but it's not always up to date. Thanks!!


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    Your Apple ID might be your old email address but it doesn't synchronize with your email password. The password for your Apple ID would not have changed unless you changed it. If you have forgotten that password then it is possible to recover it -- but if you setup your only recovery option to send to that old email address then you would be out of luck. Hopefully you setup security questions and/or a two factor authentication.



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    I agree with @linkman. Nice suggestion...

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