Microsoft pirating software...

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I saw this over at <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>: apparently M$ was pirating software in Softimage3d for a while, and a french court found them guilty and fined then 3million francs. M$ sold the software to Avid. The funny part is that M$ have been leading an anti-piracy movement recently...


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    That's brilliant! That should make Headlines everywhere! Piracy is really easier than most people think. Tracking licenses is not easy for companies that have grown quickly or merged a few times.
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    Unfortunately that is a slap on the wrist to Microsoft. 3 million Francs is roughly a little over $400,000 US. It could become a PR nightmare for MS, but considering there has been no real pres coverage for this (they were convicted of this last September!).

    Oh well...

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