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OK, on a lot of websites that people sign up for (such as <a href="http://www.livejournal.com"; target="_blank">www.livejournal.com</a> ) it is possible to make your website easyer to type by putting your username before the domain name (i dont know if these are the right terms...) example: psantora.livejournal.com (doesnt work because it costs extra $..im cheap) as oppose to <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/psantora/"; target="_blank">www.livejornal.com/users/psantora/</a>

My question is, why doesnt Apple do this with iTools? It would be 100Xs easyer to type psantora.mac.com instead of homepage.mac.com/psantora/ and my friends would stop buggin me about my "confusing mac website" (it really isnt all that bad...)

Is it technically impossible? too expensive for a free service?


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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    why not shell out $10 for psantora.com and have it linked to the URL homepage.blah.com/blah ?

    It's ten bucks and looks way more professional, way less lame.
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    [quote]It would be 100Xs easyer to type psantora.mac.com instead of homepage.mac.com/psantora/<hr></blockquote>

    Really... it's that difficult?

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    [quote]Originally posted by groverat:


    Really... it's that difficult?

    :confused: :confused: <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" /> </strong><hr></blockquote>

    well we are talking about friggin retards here... no seriously, it just seems simpler to me...

    as for the domain-name idea, it only costs $10 to register a domain name??!?!?!?!? since when?! i was under the impression it cost like $80 for 2 years and you had to pay like $50 every 2 years after that?!?
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    dogcowdogcow Posts: 713member
    I paid $20 for 2 years for my domain. I can even make my own subdomains

    I suppose xxxx.mac.com would be easier, but I really dont see it as a big deal as i hardly ever write it, so most of the time its just a click away anyway.

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    THats the thing, for me it isnt a big deal at all, but for my friends, they dont even know how to make bookmarks, so everytime they want to see the site they ask me for it---it pisses me off so i tell them to rememebr it... whatever its not a big deal anyways--a cosmetic change...

    anyways, where can i get these cheap domain names? and can i just redirect them to iTools sites x/o having to pay for bandwith and a server?
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Find a college around your area and get some smarter friends.
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    mac gurumac guru Posts: 367member
    powerpipe.com Domain registration for $9

    and for web space try downtownhost.com They have plans starting at like $7.99 a month.

    Webspace and domains USED to be hella expencive. Not anymore

    Mac Guru
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    formerlurkerformerlurker Posts: 2,686member
    Try <a href="http://www.mydomains.com"; target="_blank">www.mydomains.com</a>

    FREE domain redirects & email forwarding

    I use it to manage about 80 domains
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