Help Activating iPad Air with New SIM Card

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Hi, all.  I purchased the iPad Air listed in this Apple Insider article ( specifically because it stated that the device could be used with a Verizon SIM card.  I'm having a little trouble with this however. 


I bought a new Verizon nano SIM ( and popped it in, but then when I went to "View Account" I got a message that said it could not be activated.


I called Verizon and the representative told me that this iPad would not work on their network since it's a Sprint iPad.  Something tells me this is incorrect and there has to be a way to make this work, but I don't know how.  Does the Verizon SIM need to be activated another way before I put it in?  Does the iPad need to be unlocked somehow?  I'm totally lost.  Any help would be appreciated.




- CJ


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    Yes it's supposed to work with any of the big US carriers. But it is possible that Verizon is being a total jerk of a company and refusing to allow it to activate on their network. You might want to read this article and the user comments that go with it. 



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