Apple issues fourth beta of OS X 10.10.4 to developers, public with focus on Photos & Migration

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Apple on Tuesday issued a new beta of OS X 10.10.4, a forthcoming maintenance and security update for Yosemite, with an identical new build being supplied to both developers and public beta testers.

Identified as build 14E26a, the latest beta of OS X 10.10.4 is available from the Mac App Store for registered developers, and members of the OS X public beta program.

Apple has asked testers to focus on Photos, Migration, and support for Arabic and Hebrew languages when using the software.

The latest beta arrives just over two weeks after the third beta of OS X 10.10.4 was issued. Apple has recently provided OS X beta releases on Mondays, but likely held this release until Tuesday in recognition of Monday's Memorial Day holiday in the U.S.

Apple will show off the next-generation version of OS X, assumed to be OS X 10.11, at WWDC when it starts on June 8. The general public will likely have to wait a few months before they get their hands on the next Mac software update.


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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,665member
    Oh more fun ... :) Got to say, I enjoy participating in the dev program. I have never once had a loss of data or had to down grade. But I do back up first . :D
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    aman96aman96 Posts: 1member

    I just installed this update and it seems to me that the OS is running more fluidly. Additionally, the Photos app is no longer running at a snail's pace, at least on my system.

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    suddenly newtonsuddenly newton Posts: 13,816member
    10.11.0: the wait for bug fixes begins all over again! Thus is the annual cycle of beta testing for Mac OS.
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    petiegpetieg Posts: 24member

    When is Mail being looked at?  Not syncing deletes w/ Exchange even when setup as IMAP.  So frustrating. 

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    davemcm76davemcm76 Posts: 268member
    petieg wrote: »
    When is Mail being looked at?  Not syncing deletes w/ Exchange even when setup as IMAP.  So frustrating. 

    While not specifically mentioned there does seem to be some work being done on Mail in the previews.. I was having big issues with Google's 2 Factor Authentication failing to authenticate after a few days necessitating completely removing and re-adding the Google account to get it to work again. My call was closed with a reason worded pretty much as this was something I'd have to work out for myself but later that same day 10.10.4 preview 3 came out after and installing that it all started working again with no other intervention on my part.
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    boriscletoboriscleto Posts: 159member
    Photos has a user?
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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,453member

    Safari's visual tab browser (or whatever you call it when you pinch in) seems to be different.  Possibly I just missed it earlier but they're grouped into stacks of pages by site now.

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    razormaidrazormaid Posts: 299member
    Hey guys I know this is slightly off topic but after 2 hours on the phone with apple trying to get access to their beta department and getting my request for info pulled off the forum reminding me that nothing can be commented about beta releases ( even though I was in the developers forum) this was the closest link I could find hoping if nothing else maybe someone seeing this can get the message passed on to the beta department.

    For those of you who read too fast as skip over the things people say let me make a few points very clear:

    1. A handful of us were invited to do the public beta of IOS 8.4. That's Public beta testers - not developers. So before you snap back a nasty quip telling me to submit feedback through the developers link THAT is not possible. They require your developers ID and we do not have access because we are PUBLIC beta testers not developer beta testers.

    2. Our only means to communicate is with the beta provided FEEDBACK APP. (did I mention PUBLIC beta testers?)

    3. Because this problem is stopping us from reporting and providing feedback we can't get this info to Apple.

    4. Posting anything on Apples forum got all of this info removed.

    5. Even after 2 hours with Apples own tech support VP's (3 in all) even THEY had no access to beta department. It's like a separate company.

    There's all the things you need to know before you read what the problem is.

    Here's the problem:
    Back on May 20th after receiving the beta 4 update all feedback reports stopped sending. Oh we got the "swoosh" sound that said it left but upon noticing today the there were things sitting in the outbox I clicked it only to discover none were sent dating back to the 20th. I don't know if that's the exact date it started failing but my reports from that date forward won't send. I did a Google search and the others had the same problem but like mine when I clicked the link the links were closed and removed like mine.

    Why is this such a concern of mine? Several reasons but the one that stands out? I have a photographic memory so this is gold to the beta department. When something goes wrong I can actually access what I did like a video, rewinding backwards and forwards recreating for Apple an exact step by step "where did I go, what was I doing, what did I click, how did it happen" report, allowing Apple to literally do what I did exactly recreating the problem to rear it's ugly head.

    I'm only adding this information to stress when I say I have 36 reports that are stuck and did not send you can see why they need to get these reports. Vast amounts of detail are involved.

    Before some smarta** says "well you have a photographic memory just send it again", that's the problem. The submit function is locked up causing all of them to say UPLOADING but after 4 days it's clear these are not going anywhere.l because they send in order and the outbox is still waiting to send reports from the 20th.

    Before someone asks: Yes this is happening on all devices running the beta. Two iPhone 6's. iPad mini and iPad Air 2 - feedback locked in all devices besides they need to see the crash reports and sys reports from the device where the problem encountered.

    But here's a bigger concern.

    What if all the other PUBLIC testers are having the same problem? Suddenly ow after 8 or 9 days from its release Apple is having zero or close to zero error/bugs reported? What if apple actually thinks beta 4 fixed everything because no reports are coming in? And what if they sign off on this and make this the GM on June 8th and for sure there's 36 bug because I have them sitting in disorder animation.

    My purpose for writing this?

    Has anyone figured out a work around to send the stalled reports? You can't close the program or it tosses the reports. You can't force quit your phone (home button and startup button) because it will clear out your reports.

    Any suggestions or work arounds would be greatly appreciated. Any if it's "no" to all the above is there a developer reading this that can submit to Apple this problem? Maybe if they get a solution in time my reports can send and give then time to rush through a last minute fix for these 36 problems I have isolated?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 2,181member

    Originally Posted by petieg View Post


    When is Mail being looked at?  Not syncing deletes w/ Exchange even when setup as IMAP.  So frustrating. 

    Colour me clueless because IMAP and Exchange (MAPI) are two different, albeit similar, protocols. Is there something that I'm not understanding about your setup? You either connect via IMAP or Exchange, not a mix of the two. Fill me in.

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    petiegpetieg Posts: 24member
    I meant either protocol. Although I get calendar and contacts via exchange and email via IMAP as the exchange protocol for email has no progress on sending mail and syncing main via exchange is even worse than IMAP.
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