Prosumer tower with big display?

in General Discussion edited May 2015

Ugh I'm so torn that Apple doesn't really have a mid range tower. I'm a designer and an amateur music producer. I also play games. I need a lot of screen real estate, and decent power. Mac mini is not enough because I want the dedicated GPU, and the Mac pro is just out of my price range. The iMac power (and 5k res) is great, but I want to be able to update my display every so often. Right now I'm using a 27" iMac and external 24" monitor at home and a MBP with LG Ultrawide 34" at work. Neither is really ideal. I'm looking at a nice 36"-43" 4k TV. Vizio has one for $600. 


Any suggestions? I wish they had iMac power in a tower that isn't the price of a Mac Pro. I'm almost wondering if I should just maxing out a high end macbook pro is starting to put me in Mac Pro kinda of money.


Any thoughts would be helpful. 

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