Transformation of a Pismo into a kitchen computer.

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Well thats the plan.

within a year I am going to get myself a new Powerbook and I have thought about what to do with my Pismo. It handles X pretty well as long as I don´t have to do FCP or PS on it. So the idea is to build it into one of my kitchen cabinets and use it for small notes, DVD watching, email aso. And in a couple of month I´ll be able to connect to a local LAN but the connector will be in the kitchen so the idea was to use as an airport software base station as well.

If this InkWell thing turns out to be as functionel as on my Newton (or even better) I plan do to away with the keyboard and only use a pen. So I need a touch sensitive screen (10-12 inch) to put into one of the cabinet doors.

So I need some advise. If it is nessesary to hack into the hardware I am prepared.

-Can I buy such a touch sensitive screen? How much would it cost?

- Can I use the Video Out or do I need to use the connectors my screen is using now? Is there a thin touch sensitive film I could put over my current screen and use that instead?

-I would like to be able to mount all the HD of all computers in my apartment using Airport (and rendewouz) Would that conflict with it being an Airport station?

Please if you know any links to projects like this one please post them here.


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