AI App and notifications and other problems

in Feedback edited May 2015

Hi Guys,


I've installed your app on my phone and haven't ever gotten any notifications / alerts. That's really the only feature I'm looking for (and perhaps offline reading for the plane).


I have selected to get notifications on all your topics (not only breaking news), I've "signed up" for the trial. I have allowed all your notifications in the iPhone's notification area. But nada, not a single notification for any news.


Well anyway, I went ahead and bought your one year subscription. There I saw that you advertise it for $8.99 but I had to pay $9.99 (CAD) you might want to put the correct price there or indicate it's US Dollars.


It now tells me I have 396 days on my subscription, which is nice.


Please can you look into why notifications are not working?



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