Adobe Illustrator CS4 Won't Open! Advice?

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I am having a tough time with my Illustrator CS4. I was using Illustrator on my Macbook Pro OS 10.5.8. It got overworked so I decided to restart (a common issue with my full computer). When I went to reopen Illustrator, the orange 'Initiating' box came up, but never did anything past that. The "Application did not respond" and I had to force quit.


I took my Macbook in to get updated and increase the disk space (it is now at OS 10.7.5) and they suggested I reinstall my Illustrator program. So I did, and the same issue appeared again!


I know the easiest answer is to get CC, however as I am freelance I'd like to keep my costs down as much as possible. I am wondering if anyone has encountered this error before and if so, was it fixable? All my other CS4 Creative Suite programs are still working perfectly.




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    Unless you're content to remain a "poor freelancer", you're actually going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade, because this situation of yours can only get worse.


    Adobe has moved on long since and so must you. Besides, there's probably no support any more for CS4, or for that matter, few if any people out there reading this forum who still use CS4 or know anything about your problem.


    Once you become a CC subscriber, you'll have ready access to Adobe's latest pro apps, including Illustrator CC. BTW, the latest version is really sweet and is FAST on late hardware with certain graphics processors. I have a recent iMac i7 and the app really screams. You also get free tech support (usually via live chats sessions, but they can take control of your computer as needed to "check under the hood.")


    Frankly, if you can't afford $50/mo from what you make as a freelancer, you should probably seek more gainful employment.

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    Daniel SW...whats wrong with you egotistical maniac a**holes who have to talk down to everyone when answering a simple question. You are such a chump, d@#khead.

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