Please Help! iPhone 5s is dead!

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My phone has a blank screen and doesn't respond as if it's dead.
When I connect to Itunes, it only recognises it if it's put into DFU mode on iTunes. But still no signs of life.
I then try to restore it but it only comes back with the error 4005
I have tried a new battery and hard resetting the phone but nothing happens. I have also tried the apple support page. I thought it might be the U2 ic chip or maybe the charging port? I'm really not sure though!

Hope you can help!




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    linkmanlinkman Posts: 902member

    I think you have eliminated several of the problems that can occur. A few more suggestions:


    Use a different USB cable. The one you are using might be bad.


    Connect the USB cable directly to the computer.


    Try a different computer. Once restored you can probably complete the restore from a backup on your main computer.


    Clean the lightning port connector in the phone.


    It is certainly possible that your phone is essentially dead. The logic board is somewhat expensive and you may find it better to just replace the entire phone.

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    jignajigna Posts: 1member

    This just happened to me too.


    I applied the the recent iOS update on Monday night.  I started having reception problems with my phone yesterday afternoon (on every call the reception was bad, but the other person heard me fine).  I used some co workers phone at work, that are also on AT&T, and their recption was fine.


    I did a backup and restore last night of the iOS update, that that fixed the recption problem.  My phone was fine last night and today, reception, apps, internet on and off WiFi, iMessages, txt messages, etc.


    Now, it just died a mintue ago.  Phone was fully charged and nothing will bring it back to life.



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