Jobs sticks it to Disney!

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bite me eisner.

apparently that's the tone of pixar disney relationships, jobs is still mad over Eisner's Rip Mix Burn shcpleel, which i'm sure you all <a href=""; target="_blank">remember</a>

all this reported by today's Wall Street Journal, front page no less! - it's to the point that Eisner has begun to brown-nose it by tacking on "I'm addicted to my computer, my BlackBerry and my Apple iPod" at the end of his prepared comments, most recently at an earnings confrence call of all places. apparently steve is making it clear to industry insiders he's pissed and plans on taking pixar to another studio, or hopefully pulling a lucas and fronting all production costs himself and only using a studio for distribution- thereby maximizing pixar's profits and increasing their industry power, I'm glad Jobs is on our side :cool:


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    Does this mean that Pixar won't produce a Â?Kingdom HeartsÂ? movie?

    Anyway. Personally, I think that all of these so called Â?company quarrelsÂ? are just Â?faked quarrelsÂ?, much like the recent ATI-Apple or even the famous Microsoft-Apple. You know, like when two actors Â?actingÂ? like they're in aÂ*Â?fightÂ? because the script is written that way.
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    What is the next Pixar major? A sequel to A Bug's Life?

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    Next Up for Pixar are:

    Finding Nemo (an underwater adventure) - Summer 2003

    The Incredibles - (super Hero family, directed by the Iron Giant's Brad Bird) - Fall 2004

    Cars - (something to do with Cars on Route 66) - directed by the John Lasseter. - Fall 2005

    If you want to see some of Pixar's older work go to:

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Pixar Shorts Films</a>

    Check out "KnickKnack" - it' great. You can also see how far they've come with animation in 15 years or so.



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    When you have two ENORMOUS egos such as Steve Jobs and Michael Eisner there's bound to be friction. This has been going on for several years now with the recent Eisner comments only aggravating the situation. But Pixar/Disney still have 3 films to co-release. Pixar will eventually have enough money in the cofffers to produce a film competely by themselves. However, Disney's marketing is probably the best and they do have input that helps Pixar. Don't be surprised if things are eventually patched up. In the end it's the $$$ and not the personalties. Hollywood. That's all folks!
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    Eisner has to be one of the dumbest CEOs out there. He slams Jobs' Rip Mix Burn campaign knowing that it would strain the relationship between Pixar/Disney.

    Real smart.
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