Gold Plate Apple Watch or Not?

in Apple Watch edited June 2015

Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to seek your advice as to whether to gold plate my Apple Watch or not. I've just got a brand new Apple Watch Stainless Steel with White Sport band. 

There are many pros and cons to do so. 


  • Much better design, especially, 18K rose gold looks like an original Apple Watch Edition. 

  • There's no need to expend $17,000 on an original Apple Watch, whilst you just spend a couple of hundreds on gold plating service. In the end you get the same result. 

  • Eye-catchy and showing your style. 

  • You can replace your original bands with bands produced by third parties. Although this industry is still emerging, there are good examples on the market already. 

  • Traditional watches industry is being diminished on arrival of Apple into the market. I can choose gold plated watch and still be on the edge of technological breakthrough. I do not need expensive Rolex.

CONS - Apple warranty will likely be void if a third party interferes and modifies an Apple Watch. - Certain societies will not accept such gold plated watches and consider them as vulgar. People will think that a person just shows off his watch. 

Apple Watches gold plating services abound. In California, there are at least two or three major companies: Any recommendations for other good gold plating services? Thanks.


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    If you see it as a jewelry, then you can buy it if you can afford. But when you try to sell it again when bored to use, it lost a lot.

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