Need help Deleted 1.6 tb file not clearing space

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I have a 3Tb fusion drive on a 5k iMac and I was running out of space so I backed up my Aperture library that has all of my work ( I use smaller libraries to edit etc) checked that it worked and deleted the 1.6Tb file from within a program called Disk inventory X... It is gone as far as I can tell and still the computer thinks that the space is used. I replaced my time machine with a fresh 3Tb drive and the backup that is taking up the full drive. I have restarted the machine multiple times and ran disk utilities check disk , verify etc.


Is there a way to force the mac to check every file to make sure it is still there?





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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,214moderator
    There's a useful app here that scans the drive to find what storage is being used:

    You can enable the hidden files in the preferences. Another app that might come in useful when cleaning up a drive is a duplicate file finder:

    That one has a quick way of removing the biggest duplicates, you just list by size and use the arrow key to move down the list and hit space to mark the checkbox, then move selected to trash. You can run through hundreds of duplicates very quickly.
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