Replace Top Case/Keyboard on mid-2008 White Macbook

in Genius Bar edited June 2015

We've got a mid-2008 White Macbook (Macbook4,1) with a non-functioning "m" key. Looking into it, I think I need to replace the whole top case, as it seems like it's a hardware issue. However, new top cases are around $120, and I don't know if I want to put that into the 2008 machine. My thought is to buy a dead Macbook on eBay and take the top case from that, hoping that one as all its keys functioning. Two questions:


1) Has anyone tried the same thing who can let me know how it went?


2) If I do get a dead Macbook, does it need to be the exact same model? For instance, there is a 2007 model on eBay that "looks" the same, I wasn't sure if its top case would fit our 2008 machine.

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