Does Apple Music cache or use space on your iPad or iPhone when adding music to "my music" library?

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I've noticed since I started browsing the Apple Music catalog and added music to "My Music" digital library, my available storage has quickly shrunk. I haven't downloaded any music yet for offline play, but clearly the app seems to be writing something to built-in storage. This can be a real inconvenience if you have the basic model like I have with only 16GB total storage (12.5 GB after formatting). I don't understand why it would take so much space if your just streaming music. My available space was about 3GB then after added desired music to the digital library I was left with less than 1GB. There seems to be no control in settings to set a cap on the cache if there is one. Anyone else having this issue?


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    emil1emil1 Posts: 1member

    I also have this issue. I have only been listening to radio and created a playlist without adding the songs for offline and I saw a decrease in storage around 1gb.

    Apple has to be storing this songs somewhere because when I was in the underground where there is no reception I could go through all the songs in the playlist. Meanwhile the Music app shows in setting / usage the same size as before the upgrade. I did not come across any clear cache option. With spotify you could the least delete the app to clear cache ;)

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