All Messages have suddenly just disappeared from iPhone 5 running iOS8.4

in iPhone edited August 2015

Ok, so I've just returned home from cinema having watched Terminator Genisys and was about to text a friend when I noticed all of my messages have suddenly disappeared from my iPhone!!


Not a single text is left. As soon as I tap on the Messages icon I get taken to the New Messages screen.


I've restarted the iPhone and even turned it OFF and then On but it makes no difference.


Can anyone help?


Has Skynet infiltrated my device?


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    1. Restore from iTunes backup. Each time you sync iPhone with your iTunes, it will create a backup of your iPhone automatically;

    2. Restore from iCloud backup. If you have enabled iCloud backup, each time your iPhone is screen-locked, connected to a power source and WiFi, iCloud will automatically backup your iPhone;

    3. Extract from previous iTunes backup with the help of iPhone Backup Extractor;

    4. Scan the iPhone with a third-party iPhone data recovery and recover deleted text messages from iPhone directly.

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