Latest iOS 9 beta includes separate Photos folders for selfies, screenshots

in iPhone edited September 2019
With its latest iOS 9 beta, Apple introduced separate Photos folders for selfies and screenshots, a small but useful addition that could go a long way in cleaning up users' libraries.

As seen above, Photos in iOS 9 parses out pictures taken with an iPhone's front-facing camera into a folder called "Selfies," while placing screenshots in another self-named folder. It is not yet clear if the feature will make it into the shipping product set to launch this fall, but the auto-collation feature is a blessing for many.

The "Selfie" folder acts much like a Smart Folder on Mac by collecting all snaps taken with an iOS device's front-facing shooter. A quick test shows iOS is not using computer vision algorithms to detect faces -- specifically the face of an iPhone's user -- for the feature, suggesting the folder's trigger is hardware-based.

As for the
screenshot gallery, iOS 9 beta simply compiles onscreen images captured by simultaneously depressing a device's power and home buttons. The screenshot mechanism has been around since the dawn of iOS, but was initially used for diagnostics and not touted as a user-facing feature. With the rise of fast, reliable mobile Internet services, screenshot sharing has for many become a quick and easy alternative to copying and pasting rich content.

Alongside new folders in Photos, today's iOS 9 beta marked the introduction of Apple's News app, a cloud-based content aggregator designed for on-the-go access to popular Internet articles, custom feeds and more. In addition, home screen folders feature a four-by-four design, allowing users to hold up to 16 apps per page.

Developers can access iOS 9 beta 3 as an over-the-air update or through Apple's Developer Portal.


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    I hope it makes it I wouldn't mind having separate folders like that
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,800moderator
    How about a mechanism for creating smart folders that follow user defined rules for organizing photos? I could imagine a few rules that would be useful.

    The two new folders described in this article would simply be canned examples users would get by default but could hide or modify.
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    heliahelia Posts: 170member

    This one is less buggy than beta 2, but there are still lots of crashes here and there. (By LOT I mean 1-2 an hour)


    Not only it has a separate folder for Selfies, it also has one for Screenshots too, even one for Whatsapp and Viber!

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    am8449am8449 Posts: 376member

    The screenshots folder would be helpful for me.


    I sometimes take screenshots of transit directions so that I can view them while in New York City subways, where there is often no reception.

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    td241td241 Posts: 2member

    Yes! I've wanted this for a while as well. Especially for GIFs.

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    The picture was taken on September 11th
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    ddawson100ddawson100 Posts: 503member

    And shows up in the Screenshots folder. Are these images just sloppy concepts/mock-ups?


    [edit] And the Selfies folder includes an image of the keyboard. Either the keyboard has established sentience or these are indeed sloppy illustrations.

    Originally Posted by Iphone 3gs View Post

    The picture was taken on September 11th

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    pigybankpigybank Posts: 178member
    How about a memes folder too? That would be the perfect trifecta.
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