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The trackpad on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro doesn't click.  A quick Google suggested that the culprit is a swollen battery.  I removed it and, sure enough, it is swollen.  Moreover, while it was removed, the trackpad clicked normally.  I took it to the Apple Store at Flatiron Crossing where Justin told me that this was normal and I would have to pay $135 for a new battery.  WHAT?  NORMAL?  How can an obvious manufacturing defect be normal?  Is this Apple's official response to this issue?  If so, it is FRAUD and calls for immediate legal action.  I'm thinking class action.


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    It's not really normal as far as batteries go, but in my experience they all do this after 3 years or so. I'm not sure about the retina models, but this was common with the old ones. I know it's an old one due to the price quote. It suggests a 2012 13" model. You can always try complaining through Applecare or executive relations as others have done, but the store itself won't help you.

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