Scam alert - Web Browser lockup

in Genius Bar edited July 2015
A friend of mine called me in a panic. She was browsing the web using her iPhone and the following alert took over Safari.


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85


She called the 855 number before she called me but figured it was a scam when they said that they needed to transfer her to one of their technicians to install a virus protection program for $29.95. The real solution is much easier. If you are on iOS, go to Settings -> Safari and select the "Clear History and Website Data" option. You may need to close out Safari or even cycle the power but that will clear the bogus web site from Safari.


Just for grins I used one of the texting programs on my iPhone to for a voice call and played their game. After about five minutes of their BS the woman at the other end said that the fix for me would be $49.95 (maybe because I had four Apple products or maybe I just sounded like more of a sucker). At that point I told her that I thought it was a scam and she said she was sorry I felt that way. I asked her why don't I just clear the browser history and be done with the problem (she ignored that part). After about another minute of me questioning her she hung up.
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