Unique uses of Nano & Shuffle

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For the Nano, having it strapped to my arm is qualitatively different than having something much larger in my pocket that requires password entry, multiple screens, etc.  Almost all manipulations should be done by touch without requiring eyes.  That is worth money for me.  If my nano broke today, i'd replace it.  I am also liking Apple music so far, but am still experimenting.  It has different uses, and I still want a music player as conveniently attached as my Nano.


For the Shuffle, I use it with an H2O Audio case & earbuds to listen to playlists while doing my swimming workout.  A perfect solution.  I wouldn't risk a full phone even if the case said it was watertight.  The Shuffle/H2O Audio case allows me to clip the nano to my goggles.  I can even manipulate the controls while swimming.  


My solution?  Ultimately I would like to see a fully waterproof Apple Watch that would run my rechargeable waterproof bluetooth earbuds. All batteries would charge inductively by placing them on a plate or whatever.  The earbuds could be assigned either to the watch or to my phone without hassle.  Intuitive controls would work through the watch.  More involved manipulation would be done with the phone.  All would be fully integrated.


In the meantime, The phone for walking.  The Nano for running & biking & errands (since it's out of the way on my arm), and the shuffle for swimming.


Lets see where we are in 5 years...


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    I agree the Shuffle should be waterproof or water-resistant. It's the most likely iPod to be used by people during workouts and sports training.

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