Apple Music queue list proposition

in iPhone edited July 2015

I've switched to Apple Music and adapting to its UI, coming from the Beats Music app which I think worked great.


One thing that lacks from Apple Music is the ability to quickly return to the playlist the current song is playing from. If the playlist was deep into the 'new' section, good luck finding it back to read its description !


In the Beats app the 'now playing' tab was actually a two-faced panel : one showing the current song, the other showing the album or playlist the song is playing from. Apple probably thought this was a bit too complicated so they had to put the quick access to album at the top of the . . . menu. Firstly this adds touches if I need to quickly check the album, secondly it doesn't work with playlists.


I propose putting a link to the playlist in the queue list. Something like this :



I see a lot of other problems with the UI at the moment. It would be nice that like in Beats Music, clicking on an album image in any track list, like above, would take the user to the album, and not launch the track, since there is enough space already to select the track directly.


Artist and album descriptions would be nice too.

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